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A PIONEERING SERVICELetter from the director

Education is the key to success that can open countless doors. A good education doesn’t only determine our future job, but it also determines where we will live, the type of people we will surround ourselves with, and the lifestyle we will one day lead.

At stake here is the most important sphere of our lives, yet we surprisingly don’t emphasize it enough. Choosing the wrong school for our children, an unsuitable academic system, or a university degree that has little to do with their true talents may turn a promising future into a frustrating one.

At The Georgian Manor House we offer a pioneering educational consulting service to help parents best invest in their children’s education according to their unique talents.

Today, I am proud to say that through this service, we have guided students along their journeys from primary school to some of the most prestigious institutions such as Wellington College, Cardiff Sixth Form, Oxford, LSE, Columbia, and MIT. As such, our students will always remain our top priority, so we will keep working in this line to help them succeed by enabling them to compete with students from all around the world.

Montserrat Viñamata Martorell, Director General