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There  are  many  types  of  students:  introverted, extroverted, sport lovers, very  academic, some with a special talent to play an instrument and others with exceptional artistic skills.  It is important to discover the children's  potential and limitations from an early stage in order to design that academic path that stimulates them to grow into self-confident highly-achieving adults.  These are individuals who seek self-improvement by constantly pursuing "excellence" in all projects they decide to undertake.  

Nevertheless, taking the wrong path can lead to conformism or negativity. This can translate in small traumas in the long-term transforming an individual who would otherwise have been an excellent student into a mediocre person.  

After two decades of dealing with all types of alumni and all kinds of schools in:  North America, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and Spain, my team and I, at The Georgian Manor House, we have developed a pioneering method for designing that educational path that best fits each student´s profile.

Today, I am proud to say,  we have accompanied some of our students from junior school all the way from elementary school to leading universitites such as: London School of Economics, Tsinghua, Cambridge, Lancaster, Boston University,  Warwik, Bath... 



Choosing the right path for the student from the very beginning

Our methodology is based on an innovative concept of education consultancy that we call:  " the support center for the achievement of curricular excellence".

According to the student´s age (children, teenager, university student or adult)  and the type of program selected  (long-term or short-term studies abroad, language summer programs or summer school) a team will be put into action that will select or organize the best program abroad for that student. 

This team, made up of: psychologists and educational consultants from a variety of international educational backgrounds with more than 20 years of experience.

This service will be matched by a monitoring and follow-up system of the student´s academic performance abroad in order to ensure he or she gains access to the best possible institutions of higher learning.



Top ranked educational institutions

When it comes to boarding schools, only in the U.K. there are more than a thousand, and many of them are excellent! There are some that rank high in scientific studies, and others in humanities and social sciences. Some are renowned for their athletic programs and others for their drama and fine arts programs. We know where their stronger and weaker points are. This is why we look for that institutions that best matches each student´s profile and provides the best opportunities for enhancing his or her abilities. Our objective is to enable the student to gain admission to a highly ranked university in the future.



Always near the student

The Georgian Manor House is present in the United States, the U.K., Ireland, France and Spain.

With teams in all these areas, our objective is to provide the best possible service to our students as well as giving fast and smart answers to any problem that might emerge. This helps us to closely supervise the evolution of our students.


Montserrat Vinamata Martorell

The Director

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