Candidates are requested to select an empty plot (not more than 1200 sq), located within a compact urban tissue of any city all over the world, being void, dismissed or under used, still looking for a new spatial and functional identity. Then, investigating habits, needs, desires and expectations of temporary city users - students, businessmen, daily commuters...- they are asked to design a mixed - used building, combining residence typologies, semi-private and public functions, able to re-activate the intensity of use of the space through the energy of the dynamic flows. Thus, housing typologies, functions and spatial solutions should be investigated to interpret the way of living of the new temporary inhabitants of the city, taking advantage of their dynamic attitude as generator of urban intensity. Moreover, the same acupunctual intervention can be proposed in other spaces within the selected urban center, getting a wider strategical vision. Candidates should demostrate their ability to conceive the architectual project as a process concurring to the definition of the urban pattern, by interpreting its physical, cultural, economical and social features. At the same time, they should be able to control the complexity of the architectural aesthetics at different scales.

In synergy with the MH WAY approach, they should envision a future urban scenario centered on people and their not yet satisfied desires.

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