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This is an innovative program designed specifically for professionals with very busy schedules who want to master the Spanish, the French, or the English language within a very short period of time, requiring rapid and visible results. The program intends to immerse the student in the language he/she is learning during the 24 hours of the day pushing him/her to overcome those barriers which have become an obstacle to move forward. The use of any other language but that of the course will be strictly forbidden.

Our goal: to make the student think and dream in the language he is learning.



This innovative method is based on a pragmatic approach, which instead of cramming the student with grammar, focuses on the environment or context on which he or she develops, and the daily activities he or she must perform. It is through problem solving in the simulation of real life professional situations that the program intends to stimulate/push the student to be creative and confront those language barriers that have been impeding him/her to progress.

This program has been designed by expert trainers of elite MBA professors currently teaching in some of the institutions that lead today the TOP 10 of the Financial Times Best European University Ranking and the TOP 20 of the Financial Times World Best University Ranking.

This unique teaching team is specialized in diverse fields related to English and:

  • Legal education.
  • Finance or Investment Banking. 
  • Business and Economy. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Communication. 
  • Negotiation and Public Relations.


The student will have two choices: mini groups of maximum 4 students per class (within the framework of the course, the program will be adapted to the specific needs of every student) and one to one´s (the course will be completely adapted to the specific needs of the participant).

Please contact one of our consultants for more information.



The course is open the entire year and exists in two forms: weekly, or during weekends. There is also a possibility for large groups (8-12 students) of customizing the program entirely according to their specific needs, profile and objectives.

Depending on the chosen language the courses can take place in: Great Britain (Dorset) in a beautiful 19th century Manor House, in Cannes, in a French style 18th century mansion or in the Costa Brava (Girona, Spain) in the historic 12th century castle of the descendants of the Marquis of Sant Mori. The latter was once the place of residence of Queen Juana of Aragon and her son, the future Catholic King Ferdinand of Aragon (promoter of Columbus´ discoveries).

Under this light, The Georgian Manor House intends to provide an atmosphere of great comfort and isolation so the full immersion is guaranteed…


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The 12th c. Castle of the Marquis of Mori