Programs for University Students and Adults



The program combines the learning of a language abroad in relation to a particular field (some of these might include the obtention of an official certificate/title):

  • Business, Economics or Investment Banking.
  • Medicine.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Engineering.
  • Tourism.
  • Marketing and Communications.
  • Graphic design (product).
  • Fashion (textiles) and Fashion Management.
  • Acting and Cinema.
  • Dance.
  • Music.
  • Sports (surf,  golf,  scuba diving, windsurf, horseback riding, tennis, etc.). 
  • Maritime Traffic.
  • Air Traffic.
  • Piloting.
  • Adventure/Survival.
  • Biology and Marine Wildlife.
  • Volunteer Programs in South-East Asia.
  • Others (please consult).



General: 15-20 hours per week. Official exam preparation (optional).
Intensive: 25-30 hours per week. Official exam preparation (optional).

The courses can include: breakfast, half or full board. The accommodation can take place in the center itself, in a family or in an individual/shared apartment. The courses can be combined with all ranges of activities (leisure, cultural or sports). The programs can have a  1 - 12 week duration depending on the student´s needs and the characteristics of the academy, school, or university.  The Georgian Manor House can also provide plane tickets and transfer service from/to airport.



These programs are designed for executives running a tight schedule requiring fast and visible results. The programs involve the practicing the language 24/7 through the use of innovative methods that bring the learning experience outside of the classroom and engage the student in the learning process helping him or her overcome the usual barriers. 

These programs are located in very unique locations such as Chateaux or country side houses where the full immersion is guaranteed. These courses are available only for (Castilian) Spanish in Spain, French in France, and (British) English in the United Kingdom.

For more information please consult.



  • Foundation year in the UK. 
  • Foundation year in Italy (specific for fashion/design/interior design).
  • PG 13 in Europe or the U.S.
  • Bachelor/undergraduate.
  • Master.

Visit center of support to achieve curricular excellence and/or request an interview with one of our consultants.



  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Country: USA
  • Country: Canada
  • Country: France
  • Country: Germany
  • Country: Italy
  • Country: Spain
  • Country: Portugal
  • Country: Ireland
  • Country: Australia
  • Country: China
  • Country: Brazil
  • Country: Qatar

Programs Abroad also available for Companies and Professionals

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